Lone Star Language Academy is a 501(c)(3) Texas non-profit organization led by a five-member Board of Directors. 


The board may be contacted via email at:

Upcoming Board Meeting:  Tuesday, May 11, 2021  |  Meeting Agenda

Board-Related Documents:  FY 2021 Adopted Budget  |  FY 2020 Charter First Rating  |  FY 2019 Annual Financial  Report  |  FY 2019 Financial Statements  |  2018-2019 Texas Academic Performance Report  |  School Board Policies  |  Special Education Policies  | Title IX Information  |  SY 20-21 Health & Wellness

Complaints/Grievances:  2020-2021 Complaints & Grievances Procedures 

Public Information Requests: Email a Texas Public Information Act Information Request Form to

Title IX Concerns:  Please email the Title IX Coordinator, Jill Dinges, at 

Robert Lavie
Board President 
Angela Morgan
Board Secretary
Tom Welfelt
Board Member At Large
Steve Boyd
Board Member At Large
Jim Scofield
Board Member At Large
Brance Barker
Interim Superintendent
Salary:  $37,500.00 (interim role)
Lone Star Language Academy